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Online course development services

e-learning project development for every budget

Online Teaching Tools

We have deep experience with online learning tools such as Moodle and open-source learning content management systems at the web engineering group.   We provide project development, hosting, training, and support.

Online course development services

We may develop your next online courses

We offer an affordable video conferencing service for education & Virtual Classrooms: Shared and dedicated video classroom conferencing servers systems.

Training and support


We provide consulting services and training to your staff to learn how to use our online teaching tools. 

Our clients' support is important to ensure they can maximize their online teaching activities with no issues.

Let's create your Organization's online courses

e-Learning Technology Group is an online development and consulting company in Denver Colorado helping clients with their unique requirements to fulfill their online learning solutions needs.

Affordable and practical quality learning systems

Our highly experienced technology and designing teams can make a requirement analysis of your commercial or publicity Internet needs and develop an original web page(s) for your business. Some options include the development of multimedia presentations and streaming audio and video. We can work on small and large projects

We can develop procedures and techniques that allow you to have a more dynamic online teaching or online training for your students or employees. Remember, today's online training is only a vision of the near future way of life and training

Online course development

Consulting Services


Online course hosting

Online course planning and assessment

Online training on any user device

e-learning training will be available soon

Online courses

Tailored after each professional project solution we offer a complete technical service and consulting.

  • The objective of our courses is to teach the computer and internet use the safe way to use the Internet and other technologies for information management, in a practical, efficient, and convenient way with the necessary technical support.
  • Our webinars focus on those who use computers and online daily task work and who need to know the best way to use resources for the information process and the safe use of the Internet, electronic mail, and social networks.